Volunteer with the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Izmir, Turkey

ReVI volunteers enjoying a weekly dinner with a Syrian refugee family

ReVI volunteers enjoying a weekly dinner with a Syrian refugee family

we do not know of any opportunities, good luck with your search.

We are very grateful to all those who gave us their time, sadly our time in Turkey is over.

Thank you for all the time, donations and support you gave us over 3 years and made it possible to help thousands of refugees, not just with practical emergency supplies,  but one off needs, large scale education, small businesses and employment.

Please keep showing up for others, it’s what we can do.

Would you like to volunteer on the frontline of the humanitarian crisis giving back?

  • Would you like the chance of a life-changing experience?
  • Would you like to make new friendships and unbeatable memories?

Volunteer for as little as a week to however long you can commit. We need a minimum of a week, it is currently self-funded – all our money goes to supporting refugees through our projects – in exchange, you are supported through the process to become involved in this extraordinary time.

You will be volunteering with ReVI, the grassroots organisation Refugee Volunteers of Izmir, who work with the Syrian refugees who fled the war over the border and ended up in Izmir, Turkey. You will meet all walks of life, a different culture within a culture, and make a difference even with just one week – you are welcome to come for more time, the longer the more effective.

If you would like to know more about how to volunteer and what is involved, and decide if it suits you, please contact us and we will email a full document back to you with comprehensive details.

* ReVI is a group of Syrian, Turkish and international volunteers – like you – helping families through micro load business opportunities, education and emergency aid in Izmir, Turkey.