TeaMo – Teaching Mothers To Teach

TeaMo - sketch of the Logo for Teaching Mothers to Teach

This is a sketch on a digital napkin of the TeaMo Logo

We want to lift children from zero to literate, by teaching mothers to teach them in their own homes.

This is what we call a TeaMo

The idea is that, one trained mother teaches four other mothers, how to teach their children a HomeSchool Course Pack.

With your help we can lift a whole community

If – when – one of those four mothers wants to form a TeaMo she finds four more mothers among her friends and neighbours, and teaches them the HomeSchool Course Pack.

and so on…

  • on average 11 children are lifted from zero to literate per TeaMo
  • 4 mothers are empowered, given the training to give their children the basic education needed to start in life.
  • The TeaMo leader is paid for two hours a week of teaching her team. This is enough to pay her family groceries for a week

We began by running a HomeSchool pilot scheme. A volunteer with us in Izmir, Turkey, went home to England, and her church, and raised initial funding, put together the HomeSchool Course Pack, got endorsement from UNHCR, and we began with 11 families. During this pilot scheme, we realised the key to success is to train the mother’s to teach the programme. TeaMo, Teaching Mothers To Teach, is born out of need, is welcomed by the community, and sustained by real mothers for their children.

We are empowering women, feeding their families, and lifting children from zero to literate in a year.

Including everything – materials, support, and pay – each TeaMo needs only £800 for a whole year. It takes just a year to complete the basic literacy programme.

Our greatest hope is that not long from now, a young man, or woman, of 18, will stand in front of us and say, “because of you, I am going to university this year.”

Please be a part of lighting the dreams of children, and their futures DONATE TO A TeaMo – like this mother here…

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