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Microloans for Syrian Refugee Small Business Startups - Benjamin Gow

Microloans for Syrian Refugee Small Business Startups

Microloan, a refugee hairdressers in her own home funded by the Goodall Foundation through ReVI in Izmir, Turkey

Our microloan to a refugee enabled her to open a hairdressing salon in her own home

With the core support of Goodall Foundation through ReVI, we find entrepreneurs in the Syrian refugee population, and give them assistance and interest-free microloans for their small business startup needs.

Case Study 1 – we helped fund a hairdresser amongst the refugee population to fit out a room in her house as a salon. She had been donated a pair of scissors and was working to her best but, without the loan she would not have been able raise the capital to convert the room. Now she has plumbing, and the space for women to come together and build a community – and his was her dream.

Microloan bakery izmir, refugee small business loans through the Goodall Foundation and ReVI

Case Study 2 – we helped Hamid to open a bakery in Izmir, by funding the building of a special oven that bakes the Syrian flat bread. It was mobile and weighed 200 kilos. He was forced to move four times and finally end up near the clouds above Izmir city. Regrettably, he was shut down by local competition, however, he was able to employ two people at the time, and saved enough money to buy a parcel of land to farm. Something he did in Syria, and that his family lives from now.

Business Waiting for Support:

A tailor

An Electronics Store

A Hairdresser

We are deeply grateful to the Goodall Foundation for core support, the more donations we receive the more small business we are able to open.

Please consider contributing and lifting families from destitute refugees to independent, net-contributing members of their society.

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* The Goodall Foundation supports individuals on their journey to becoming independent in order to live a flourishing and fulfilled life. They seek to establish new models of charitable work that marry business with social good—applying latest business concepts and methodologies in order to break the cycle of dependence between beneficiaries and benefactors.

* Revi are a group of Syrian, Turkish and international volunteers helping families through microloan opportunities, education and emergency aid in Izmir, Turkey.